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The project NOSOTROS: A COLLECTIVE ALBUM FROM LAVAPIÉS NEIGHBORHOOD entails constructing a collective album of compiled photographs and short stories from the residents of Lavapiés (Madrid). Directed by photographer Juan Valbuena, the project offers an approach to this multicultural neighborhood in Madrid, using only amateur photographs (in any support, from sepia to digital, from paper prints to cell phone images) belonging to the family albums and personal archives of neighbors from all nationalities (from Spain to Senegal, Mexico to China, Italy to Bangladesh).

The book NOSOTROS: A COLLECTIVE ALBUM FROM LAVAPIÉS NEIGHBORHOOD, edited by Juan Valbuena, evokes a family album with a contemporary spin. It brings together 115 images from the NOSOTROS project, most of them on a 1:1 scale, and contains a subtle thematic order. The book likewise includes 115 stories associated with the photographs, told by the residents of Lavapiés neighborhood (Madrid).

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